KUNST KUGELRUND - English Informationsmations

This is a very unique and distinctive type of costume jewellry.

wooden beads have been individually painted with high quality, long lasting water-based artist colours. Afterwards each bauble gets multiple varnish coatings to protect the beautiful colour, which makes them a very unique kind of costume jewellry.

You will enjoy wearing such a bead, because of its bright colours and the pleasant surface. The beads are light as a feather - you will not even notice you are wearing them.

Any kind of band or necklace can be used for mounting my beads. But of course you are free to use a chocker, a leather- or nature rubber band or maybe a velvet band. Choose anything you like - the main thing is, it matches your favourite piece of clothing.

Since the beads are wooden balls, please note that the jewelry balls should not come in contact with water or moisture. There is the danger that the ball swells up and then it is unfortunately no longer salvageable.

The beads are available in three sizes: The large one with 2,5 cm, the middle one with 2 cm and finally the small one with 1,5 cm diameter.

Sales Price:    Large 2,5 cm  -   12.- €
                  Middle 2 cm   -   10.- €
                  Small 1,5 cm  -   8.- €

A black waxed cotton band (40 cm lenght) is available for only 1.- €.

Invoice is payable via PAYPAL or bank transfer.

In addition to each bead you'll receive a free lovely small gift package.

I use russian water-based colours "White Nights" and polyurethane varnish.

Maybe you have a special wish or idea for a very personal gift? Don't hesitate to get in contact with me. I'll paint your own bead with your favourite motif especially for you. I need just two or three weeks lead time.

If you need further information please send an email to CHR.MANG(at)t-online.de. It would be a great pleasure to answer your questions.

In the meantime please have a look at all my sample photos - a picture tells a thousand words...  If you like this website - please leave a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you very much!

Comparison of the three available sizes

Comparison of the three available sizes

Gift package

Gift package